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The Orbico recruitment portal is a central place for publishing currently active and open positions within the Orbico group, ie the local Orbico company in a particular country, enables easier communication, data collection and registration of potential employees.

On the portal homepage you can find 5 recently published positions, and on the Open positions subpage you can find all currently published jobs. You can get more information about each position by clicking on the title, which opens a detailed description. Clicking the Apply now button opens a data entry form.

Once you have selected the desired position and populated the data entry form, the Files section will allow you to upload your CV and Job Application. Accepted file formats are Microsoft Word (doc, docx) and Adobe PDF format.

You can apply for as many positions as you want, but you must go through the application process for each individual job opening and fill in all the required information. As much as this step may seem unnecessary to you, it makes life easier for us to manage and analyse it later.

We need basic personal data from you (name and surname, date of birth, e-mail, etc.), as well as data on education, current employment and language / computer skills. It is certainly helpful to attach your CV in order to gain a better picture of your abilities and opportunities to participate in our team.

The protection of your data is our number one priority and we guarantee your security. Your data is not public or forwarded to third parties, and only authorized persons within the company have access to it. We strictly follow all GDPR rules which you can read more about at the following link.